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EMZEE ACADEMY : Celebrating Excellence.

Updated: Feb 9

In the realm of youth football, talent shines brightly when nurtured with dedication and passion. At Emzee Football Academy, we take immense pride in recognizing and celebrating the outstanding achievements of our young athletes. This month, it is with great pleasure and honor that we announce Aimar bin Azaharen as our Player of the Month for the U12 category.

Aimar's journey with Emzee Football Academy has been marked by perseverance, determination, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Throughout the month, Aimar showcased exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and dedication both on and off the field, earning him this well-deserved recognition.

One of the key criteria for selecting our Player of the Month is overall performance, and Aimar consistently demonstrated exemplary performance during training sessions and matches. His technical proficiency, tactical awareness, and ability to execute game strategies set him apart as a standout player among his peers.

Furthermore, Aimar's assessment scores reflected not only his natural talent but also his willingness to learn and improve. He actively engaged in drills, absorbed feedback from coaches, and implemented suggested adjustments with enthusiasm and determination. This commitment to continual growth and development is truly commendable and aligns perfectly with our academy's values.

In addition to his outstanding performance and assessment scores, Aimar's exemplary attendance record further solidified his candidacy for Player of the Month. Attendance is a crucial aspect of player development, and Aimar's consistent presence at training sessions and matches demonstrated his strong dedication to the sport and his team.

As we celebrate Aimar's achievements, we also extend our gratitude to his coaches, teammates, and supportive family members who have played pivotal roles in his journey. Their encouragement, guidance, and unwavering support have undoubtedly contributed to Aimar's success and growth as a young athlete.

Moving forward, Aimar serves as an inspiration to his peers and a shining example of the values we uphold at Emzee Football Academy. His passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence embody the spirit of our academy and serve as a testament to what can be achieved through hard work, perseverance, and a love for the beautiful game.

Congratulations, Aimar, on being named Emzee Football Academy's Player of the Month for U12. Your achievements inspire us all, and we look forward to witnessing your continued success and growth in the days ahead. Keep shining bright, and may your passion for football continue to fuel your journey to greatness.


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AIMAR BIN AZAHAREN, a vibrant individual, hails from the picturesque state of Johor Iskandar Puteri. At the age of 10, he embodies the zeal and determination typical of his family heritage. He attends The Infinite Learning Lab (TiLL), where his academic prowess shines as brightly as his athletic abilities.

In his class, Aimar is recognized for his diligence. His classmates admire his dedication to both his studies and his passion for sports. While soccer is one of Aimar's passion, he also enjoys partaking in other sports. His versatility extends beyond the soccer field, as he finds joy in Karate and Swimming. Aimar's competitive spirit thrives in these diverse athletic arenas, showcasing his adaptability and determination to excel in any challenge he undertakes.

Emzee FC holds a special place in Aimar's heart. As a devoted member of the team, he appreciates the camaraderie and sense of belonging that the club provides. Aimar admires the club's commitment to excellence and its unwavering support for its players. Whether on the field or off, Aimar cherishes the opportunities Emzee FC affords him to grow as an athlete and as a person.

In conclusion, Aimar's journey is one of ambition, perseverance, and passion. From his humble beginnings here in Johor to his aspirations for the future, Aimar embodies the spirit of a true sports enthusiast. With his determination and love for sports, Aimar is destined to leave a lasting impact.

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