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Who choose us?

The club has many aspects that make us stand out, but the most important factor is the genuine love and care we show to each player in a true family atmosphere. We treat all our players like a family. This personal relationship is very important from a coaching perspective and is reflected in how a player responds to a coach. It is a friendship like the coach-player relationship. Our coaches know they are more than just football coaches. They are mentors and friends to all players, resulting in an environment that fosters true development and growth.

Team training

Successful players start at a young age. At Emzee Football Club, we provide tactical and technical football training to players aged 8 to 24. Our goal is to create a world-class academy that produces the next generation of world-class players. All members of the club are expected to live by our four (4) principles.

Respect | Commitment | Honesty | Hard Work

At Emzee Football Club, we support young players and help them develop the skills they need to become professional soccer players. Our Academy is divided into three (3) soccer phases to accommodate children of different ages. This is to monitor each child's development and make sure they are having fun and learning better.

"Some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence".

Sir Robert “Bobby” Charlton-1937 —former English footballer 

Emzee FC team training
School kids for ECA

School ECAs

We provide ECA & soccer team training for a wide range of ages. Our trained soccer coaches and instructors focus on helping the students not only to build their physical skills but also ensure that the students learn about good sportsmanship, understand soccer rules, and develop social skills such as teamwork.

Our ECA Soccer Programs for schools have been designed to incorporate an all-inclusive development of the kids who attend sessions.

Our coaches are dedicated and committed. Even during ECAs, our students receive much more than football training. They grow in a friendly environment where friendship, collaboration and happiness are our priorities. 

Special needs soccer training

FROM AGES 8 - 14

Here at Emzee Football Club, we believe that every child deserves the chance to experience the joy of sports! Our mission is to provide inclusive sports opportunities for special needs kids in Johor Bahru, so they can develop their physical abilities, social skills, and self-esteem in a supportive and fun environment.

At Emzee Football Club, we understand that special needs kids face unique challenges in their daily lives. That's why we have designed our program to meet their specific needs and interests, with a focus on building confidence, teamwork, and resilience. Whether your child is a beginner or an experienced athlete, we welcome them to join our community and discover the power of sports!

Kids Playing Soccer
Soccer Practice

Personal training

Football is often very competitive and players are always looking for ways to stand out from the crowd. Falling behind peers can make it difficult for young athletes to have an enjoyable experience. Whether experienced or beginner, it can be difficult for players and their families to know what works best. Young players looking to improve their skills have many options and resources, all claiming to have the best methods and information. If you're interested in improving your skills, regardless of your level, signing up for private lessons can be very beneficial. It takes time and money, but there are several reasons why PT is worth the investment for young athletes and their families. There are many different options when it comes to soccer training. The most common are private soccer lessons, where one person practices with his coach or instructor for a time period. There are many pros and cons to taking private lessons, and whether or not it's worth the cost depends on your situation and goals.

Adult weekend classes

As they say, "Health is wealth", but often time as adults we struggle to keep ourselves fit, healthy and in good shape either because of our tight work schedule or due to lack of motivation to work out. In Emzee Football Club, we offer weekend work-out classes for adults willing to enjoy this extensive sportive practice, to have fun, stay healthy, improve physical condition and make friends. Our weekend classes for adults are suitable for experienced and inexperienced soccer lovers.  

These work-out classes are open for parents whose kids are in our academy and the community.

Adult exercise
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