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The Club has put in place comprehensive Safeguarding policies and procedures which apply to everyone involved with EMZEE FC to enable children, young people and vulnerable adults to enjoy club activities in a safe and inclusive environment. Our policies and procedures are reviewed regularly and revised to reflect any changes in the law or other significant development which impacts the protection of children, young people and/or vulnerable adults.


The purpose of the Club’s Policies and procedures are:

  • To promote and prioritize the safety and well being of children, young people and vulnerable adults

  • To provide staff with appropriate. ongoing training so that they can recognize, identify and respond to safeguarding concerns relating to children and vulnerable adults.

  • To ensure that appropriate action is taken in the event of incidents or concerns being raised

  • To provide support to those who raise or disclose the concern and it is dealt with confidentially

  • To prevent the employment or engagement of unsuitable individuals by ensuring rigorous recruitment and vetting procedures are in place.

Jumping Child

Download all our Policies here...

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