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Werner Chelsea deal not yet done confirms RB Leipzig head coach


The wait for the official confirmations and announcements of Timo Werner’s transfer to Chelsea continues. And they might continue for a few weeks yet, if we have to wait for the Bundesliga season to finish first, at the end of the month.

Over the weekend, RB Leipzig head coach Julian Nagelsmann once again confirmed that the deal is not yet done, though as before, he also acknowledged the reality of a Werner-less future and the need to plan for that.

Werner’s €60m buyout clause was supposed to expire today, June 15, though recent reports from the likes of Bild claimed that all the previous reporting about that deadline was wrong, and the clause in fact only expires on july 15. The recent report about the financial structure of the deal has also hinted that the two teams may be working on a different arrangement that technically doesn’t involve paying a buyout (which presumably carries a high tax rate, if the setup in Germany is any similar to the one in Spain).

“The change is not yet fixed, you have to emphasize that.

“I am a coach who has a realistic view and sometimes dreams. I am aware that one or the other highly talented player is leaving us. Then it is up to us, new players to find who can follow in big



-Julian Nagelsmann; source: Sport 1 via Google Translate

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