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The story behind Angel Gomes’s healing video with Nigeria Pastor TB Joshua.


On Monday night, Manchester United midfielder, Angel Gomes, began trending on social media.

Angel Gomes, 19, has appeared in a video with a Nigerian pastor called TB Joshua.


In the video which is now spreading online, Angel Gomes reveals how his family are members of SCOAN, the Man United teenager also revealed how he’d been struggling with injuries, while Angel Gomes claimed that his injuries had been healed after he was touched by TB Joshua.

My name is Angel Gomes, I’m from Manchester. I’m sixteen. I play for the Manchester United Football Club. And I’ve been struggling really with injuries.

I’ve been having injuries around my hip and groin which have been affecting me playing. I also suffered ankle injury not long ago which kept me out for a long time.

These injuries would come at hard times for me, times when I was having a breakthrough or times when I had to go to a tournament or playing games, these injuries would happen quite frequently.

I play for Man United, I also represent England national team under-17 level as captain. I’ve known about the Synagogue Church of Nations for a long time.

As my family follows the prophet, my parents are big fans. So we thought it would be a good time for me to come and be touched by the prophet.

I just felt a little shock and I was surprised (after TB Joshua touched him).

I can really describe how I felt. Just don’t doubt what you feel on the inside. Go with your heart. When you need someone to look up to, just look to God and have faith.

It’s since been revealed that this video is actually from 2017, as recorded by an article on the Watched TB Joshua blog.

Angel Gomes was 16 at the time.

The blog claimed that Gomes, who was suffering from groin and thigh problems, was “healed” after his spirital episode.

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