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Premier League players 'face over £100million pay cut in bid to save lower league clubs'


Premier League players may face a pay cut of more than £100million to help lower league clubs survive due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

As reported by The Sun, emergency talks have been held between the PFA, the Premier League and the EFL over how to handle the financial impact of the virus.

The report indicates that, although an agreement has yet to be reached with Premier League clubs, there is hope that they will step up to help those in lower divisions.

If games are not played until July then top flight players could receive a 20 per cent pay cut for the next three months.

Under such measures some Premier League players would be giving up a total of £105million. It is believed that wages for March would not be under threat.  

All elite football in England has been suspended until at least April 30. 

The Premier League, EFL and PFA met on Friday to discuss the financial impact of the suspension of the season.

'The Premier League, EFL and PFA met today and discussed the growing seriousness of the COVID-19 pandemic,' they said in a joint statement.

'It was stressed that the thoughts of all three organisations continue to be with everyone affected by the virus.

'The Premier League, EFL and PFA agreed that difficult decisions will have to be taken in order to mitigate the economic impact of the current suspension of professional football in England and agreed to work together to arrive at shared solutions.' 

The governing bodies will hold further talks next week to formulate a joint plan. 

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