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Police reportedly closes investigation into attack on Man Utd chief Ed Woodward's house

Police have closed their investigation into an attack that targeted the house of Ed Woodward.


In January Manchester United's executive vice-chairman had flares thrown at his house by a group wearing balaclavas.

Cheshire Police though have decided no further action will be taken unless new evidence comes to light.

A spokesperson said: "At around 10.45pm on Tuesday 28 January, Cheshire Constabulary was notified of an incident of criminal damage that had taken place earlier that evening at a property in the Nether Peover area.

"Following an investigation, which involved a number of enquiries, no further action is being taken and the victim has been kept fully updated.

"However, we will always act on any new information that comes to light and anyone who can assist police with their enquiries is urged to call 101."

The attack occurred during a period of particular pressure at Old Trafford with Woodward often scapegoated for the team's poor form such is his influence.

His running of the club has long been criticised having started work at Old Trafford back in 2012.

United made it clear that they would hand out lifetime bans to anyone found to be involved following the attack.

A spokesperson said: "We know that the football world will unite behind us as we work with police to identify the perpetrators of this unwarranted attack."

No one was home at Woodward's house when the incident took place.

It is understood that the impact of the coronavirus coupled with time constraints surrounding criminal damage offences were factors in the case being closed.

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