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Newcastle BAN players and staff from shaking hands with each other amid coronavirus fears

Newcastle have banned their players from shaking hands with each other amid the fear of coronavirus.

The Magpies have long since had a training-ground tradition whereby players and staff greet one another with a handshake every morning.

But Steve Bruce revealed: ‘We have a ritual where we shake hands every morning. We’ve stopped that on the advice of the doctor.

‘We have a superb doctor here and he’ll keep us informed. We’re glued to the TV and let us hope it doesn’t get any worse in this country.’

Newcastle have recent experience of trying to contain a virus after an outbreak of a bug over Christmas.

‘In confined areas - there was a time over Christmas - when there was a virus knocking around and you have to be careful. We’re mindful of a bug sweeping through.

‘We had it at Christmas where four or five were ill, and you just have to stay at home.’

The Premier League told Sportsmail on Friday that there are currently no plans to scrap or change the pre-match process of both teams shaking hands before kick-off.

Clubs are also displaying advice to staff and supporters around stadiums, which is to self-isolate if they are experiencing any symptoms.

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