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Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has called for more action in the fight against racism.


Pep Guardiolacalled for more action in the fight against racism after the Premier League returned on Wednesday night with a powerful message in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.ArsenalandManchester Cityplayers knelt in solidarity during the match and wore the name of the movement on the backs of their shirts.

Guardiola admitted he felt ashamed for the way black people have been treated throughout the world.

The Spanish boss insisted more had to be done in order to fight racial injustice, as he expressed he was embarrassed by the treatment of minorities.

City and Arsenal players made a statement in the Premier League's return on Wednesday night as they knelt after kick-off to show solidarity.

Sheffield United and Aston Villa players did the same in the opening game, as all players will throughout the first weekend of matches.

Players also wore shirts embroidered with the words 'Black Lives Matter', in the first organised statement of its' kind in the league.

But Guardiola insisted that while the gestures made were good, they weren't enough.

Speaking after the game, he called on society to enact real change in order to fight racism and inequality, and said actions must back up the words and gestures.

“We should send one thousand million messages for black people,” Guardiola said.

“For centuries, for hundreds of years to do what we do [to] these lovely people.

“I’m embarrassed, I’m ashamed for what the white people have done [to] the black people.

"Just because you are born with another colour of skin, how can people think you are completely different than others?

“All these gestures are good, they are positive, but you have to do it with facts.

“It can’t be solved in a few days, but everything we can do, we can do.

"Everything we can do to make it conscious, it is not acceptable.

"We have to do a lot of things for the black people that we have not done so far.”

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