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FIFA issues FAM guidelines to comply with during this Covid-19 pandemic.


On tuesday the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) issued guidelines to FAM in an effort to cope with the economic impact in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acording to source, FIFA recommended a guiding principle that strongly encourages clubs and players to work together throughout the crisis, including addressing remuneration issues which may include temporary pay cuts or salary deferrals.

The four issues stipulated in the FIFA COVID-19 Football Regulatory guidelines are:

1. Expiring agreements and new agreements

2. Agreements that cannot be performed as the parties originally anticipated

3. Registration Period (Transfer Windows)

4. Other regulatory matters.

In accordance to these guidelines, Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) has today urged all stakeholders in the domestic game to comply with the guidelines issued by FIFA.

FAM general secretary, Stuart Michael Ramalingam, believes the FIFA regulatory guidelines are the guiding light to solving the current impasse, He also said, "as the governing body in charge with protecting everyone’s interests, FAM’s intention should not be misconstrued as the welfare of the players and officials remained foremost on their minds".

“FAM has to make this difficult decision with the highest consideration to our key stakeholders – the players and officials – but under the present circumstances, we have to make a collective decision based on the present realities of the industry.”

“It is our wish that everyone, including the fans and the media, see this as a way of protecting the interests of all parties. Ultimately FAM is not only a body that takes care of the players and officials, but also be responsible for the survival of the clubs, the league and other stakeholders. Only through a sustainable industry which is based on our considerations can we overcome this unprecedented precarious situation we are in right now.”

“Under these circumstances, FAM’s intention is to strike a balance between protecting everyone’s interests and the need to look at the long-term perspective.”

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