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FIFA approve plans to rescue football season. with player contracts extended and transfer windows


FIFA have approved plans aimed at rescuing the football season which is set to see player contracts extended and transfer windows put back.

Last week, Sportsmail reported how a task force from world football's governing body had drawn up proposals that tackle the issue of contracts and transfers in the event of an extended season.

Another document, detailed by Sportsmail on Tuesday, set out a range of measures which have been adopted unanimously and officially confirmed in an afternoon announcement.

Contracts due to expire at the original end date of the season should be extended to the new end date and deals due to start next season should be put back.

Where a player has moved to a club whose new season may have started before their old club's has finished, priority should be given to the former club.

In situations where clubs cannot afford to pay players, FIFA urge both parties to work together to find 'collective agreements on a club or league basis'.

When agreements cannot be reached, FIFA will consider the economic situation of the club and assess the relevant mitigating factors.

With regards to transfer windows, all requests for new dates should be approved as long as they comply with the 16-week limit within existing laws.

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