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Emzee Football Club's president concerned about foreign players in Malaysia

Emzee football club's president Ms Sivapoopathy Murugasoo has recently showed her concern about the way foreign players are being treated and abandoned by amateur clubs in Malaysia. Giving reference to a few of the players who she met and interview.

According to most of the players who hailed mostly from Africa, They explained that they were being brought to Malaysia by agents who claim to be working with teams here in Malaysia.

Some of them end up featuring for amateur teams here without being given a proper contracts by the club and a place to stay and their documents are not being processed, they abandon the players when their entry visa expires, thus leading to an increase in young illegal foreign players.

On the 16th of september 2020, Ms Sivapoopathy together with the Club's head coach had a meeting with the FAM Technical director Mr Peter De Roo to discuss the way forward for this young players.

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