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EMZEE FOOTBALL CLUB: Offers Training Sessions to private schools for their Co-curricular activities


"We are pleased to announce to the public that EMZEE FOOTBALL CLUB is now offering soccer training services to both private and public Schools". This was the statement issued by the President of Emzee football club Ms Sivapoopathy.

In lieu of the current state of grassroot football in Malaysia, The football club which specialises in working with children and young athletes both male and female from age 10-24, to develop their sporting ability, behavioural skills and social interraction and also to nurture their physical and mental growth through soccer at the grassroot level as offered to give their services to schools in Malaysia, by supplying their coaches to schools who are in need of qualified soccer coaches to handle their soccer training sessions and their co-curricular activities using the Celtic Soccer Academy way of training .


The president further stated that this opportunity is also extended to schools outside of Kuala Lumpur. Providing the students/youths who wish to be a part of the team the opportunity to do so and to enjoy the benefits associated with being a club member.

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