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EMZEE FC Close to completing their first foreign player signing.

Updated: Feb 15

Disclosed by EMZEE FC Head Coach Michael Uzochukwu Ihonre, The club is on the verge of completing the acquisition of a Nigerian midfielder, making him the club's first ever foreign signing.

In preparation for the Twentyfive.7 Div 1 Super League which is to commence next month, the club's management is making effort to solidify the team by bringing in 3 foreign players to represent (EMZEE FC II) in the competition.

Modiu abayomi
New emzee fc signing

The President further more stated that, the team is almost at the latter stage of completing the signing of one of the 3 players; Abayomi Modiu.

Abayomi Modiu, a Nigerian born midfielder who can play as a Defensive Midfielder, Central Midfielder and a Left Back caught the attention of the head coach during one of the games he played, thus the reason he was invited to a try-out with the team where he outshone himself.

The club has began his acquisition process and now awaits the Nigerian Football Federation for clearance.

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