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Alexander-Arnold: Premier League title something we've always dreamed of at Liverpool


Liverpool star Trent Alexander-Arnold said winning the Premier League is "something we've always dreamed of" after the club's drought ended on Thursday.

For the first time since 1990, Liverpool were crowned English champions thanks to Manchester City's 2-1 Premier League defeat at Chelsea.

Liverpool, who have only lost once this season with 28 wins in 31 matches, cannot be caught with seven games to spare in the Premier League.

Alexander-Arnold – born in Liverpool – revelled in the triumph, telling the club's website: "It hasn't sunk in yet. Maybe tomorrow morning it will sink in, we're just trying to soak in the moment right now.

"But it's something that people will remember for a very long time. The fans and the team have waited so long for this. It's something very special. Hopefully we will be able to soak it all in."

"We probably thought as a team we would be able to do it ourselves, but we don't really care how we did it at the end of the day," the 21-year-old England full-back said.

"We are Premier League champions and we are proud of that.

"Obviously things are not as we imagined probably a few months ago or even a year ago how we imagined to win the Premier League, but we are not going to complain and make a fuss of.

"It's something we've always dreamed of. As fans I think it's something that will always be remembered."

Liverpool midfielder Georginio Wijnaldum added: "It's difficult to describe but I can say that I'm really happy and really pleased that I can be a part of this team, be a part of this club.

"And I'm really happy that this time we can give this title to the supporters because they have waited so long for this title. The supporters were so loyal during the years since I'm here and even before I came here.

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