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Emzee Football Club is committed to technical education, physical training and personal development of children and young people with a passion and natural talent for football. We aim for the holistic development of our players by integrating football development with family life, academic education and moral growth. To reach our goals, we rely on an interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals from a variety of disciplines who closely track each student's progress and needs. We offer a wide range of courses to support students of all backgrounds and levels.

What we offer

Young Soccer Player


Soccer training has many benefits. One of these is the benefits you get from engaging in physical activity, such as reducing stress and improving your overall fitness reputation. Moreover, it is a fun interest that stimulates the formation of tremendous emotions, attitudes and values. It fosters group spirit, will, discipline, and constant striving for improvement, just as it teaches us to accept defeat without losing our defensive spirit. This type of values ​​follows all the elements of life.

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My son has been attending Emzee Soccer Academy soccer training for some time and his fitness, soccer skills and knowledge of the game have improved significantly. thank you!!!


Simone Wies

(Happy Father)

Seeing my brother happy after completing his soccer training at Emzee Academy always inspired me to take up the courage to play soccer myself. I fell in love with this sport. It's challenging and fun.

Mohd Zikri


Thank you Emzee for everything you have done for my son. I have seen my child go from being a passive, shy and lonely child to being an active and happy child who has finally found many friends to share and enjoy.

Mr Khalid


Since my son started Emzee Football Club, his physical and mental health has also improved. Thanks for all the support and guidance. Please continue to do your best for the present and the future of our children.

Suzanne Levis

Happy Mom

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